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From dog’s mess to dung heap: Governor Justice vetoes budget


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CHARLESTON – In his State of the State message, two months ago, Governor Jim Justice described the state’s financial picture as an “18 karat dog’s mess.” Last week, he turned to animal excrement once again, this time deploying an actual plate of cow  manure to decry political maneuvering  in the Mountain State.

Justice signed a veto, Thursday April 13, 2017, saying the budget bill passed by the Legislature was nothing more than “a bunch of political bull you-know-what.” At the Capitol, he lifted the lid from a tray that had a large pile of bull manure placed on a printed copy of the budget.

Joined by various business, labor, education, and civic…

AG warns about cash scam

CHARLESTON — West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, in coordination with the state’s Department of Health and Human Resources, is warning consumers to be on guard against a phone scam seeking to steal personal information.

The alert involves an impostor calling residents with the promise of cash assistance and/or government benefits in exchange for personal information. The caller typically claims to represent DHHR or similar government agencies.

West Virginia’s DHHR does not give away money in such a manner.

“Never give personal information to an unknown caller,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “No government agency offers financial assistance in this manner. Consumers should…

SOS Warner seeks public's helpfor clean and fair elections

CHARLESTON - With the bulk of the 2017 municipal elections rapidly approaching, West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner is asking the public and the candidates associated with the upcoming 2017 municipal elections to assist in ensuring fair and clean municipal elections by keeping a watchful eye and reporting suspicious election activity to his office.

 According to Secretary Warner, 131 of the state's 232 municipalities are hosting elections in 2017.

 "We want citizens to be active in local elections and we want them to have confidence in the process of electing local council members and mayors," Secretary Warner said. “When it comes to elections, we have a goal of restoring…