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Commission splits on clerk’s hiring request


Managing Editor

HAMLIN - What at first glance appeared to be a routine hiring decision, descended into curt exchanges and a split Lincoln County Commission vote at last week’s regular session in Hamlin. The commission met for the penultimate time, this year, Thursday evening, December 4, 2014. The new business segment of the meeting, normally covered with one single motion for multiple items, included the following for Lincoln County Clerk Direl Baker’s office:

Motion to approve the hiring of Sarah Browning as a full-time Deputy Clerk effective December 19, 2014.

Usually, commissioners refrain from singling out items for separate consideration or omission. However,…

Morrisey challenges Obama’s immigration move

CHARLESTON — Attorney General Patrick Morrisey last week announced that he joined a coalition of 16 other states in a lawsuit challenging the Obama Administration’s decision to suspend the nation’s immigration laws.

According to the AG’s office, the lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, says the President’s unilateral actions regarding illegal immigration represent an unchecked expansion of executive authority and threaten the constitutional balance of power.

“We joined this lawsuit to stand up once again with other state attorneys general and governors against an out-of-control executive branch that seeks to cherry-pick which laws it will…