Courthouse Records


Cody Lee Mays, Yawkey; Chapter 7; Assets $11,530, Liabilities $45,018. 

Timothy Alan Gilman, Branchland. Chapter 7: Assets $98,969, Liabilities $146,936. 

Court records 


Deed between James S. & Mary S. Schmidt and Schmidt Family Trust, Duval Dist., as of 10-25-19. 

25 ac. deed between Rodney Hale and Leah & Jacob Hale, Jefferson Dist., as of 10-25-19. 

90 ac. deed between Pamela Scites, Paula, Gerald, Dennis, Douglas & Patrick N. Webb and Patrick N. Webb, Sheridan Dist., as of 10-25-19. 

Map to Patrick N. Webb, Sheridan Dist., as of 10-25-19. 

84.8 ac. deed between Bruner Land Company and Jason & Tonia M. Elkins, $54,000., Washington Dist., as of 10-25-19. 

6 ac. deed between Frank Elkins and Mickie Elkins, Jefferson Dist., as of 10-28-19. 

Deed between Jason S. Bender and Jackie D. & Christa E. Berry, $15,000., Duval Dist., as of 10-28-19. 

3/4 ac. deed between Jimmy D. Adams Jr. and Jimmy D. Adams Sr., Sheridan Dist., as of 10-28-19. 

8 ac. deed between Billy C. & Nancy L. Browning and William J. & Robert A. Browning, Jefferson Dist., as of 10-29-19. 

Pt. Lot 42 deed between Mark A. & Michael S. Dorsey and David & Deidra Roberts, $40,000., Hamlin, as of 10-29-19. 

Deed between Danny & Otto Vance, Carolyn Rose Robinson & Sheila Ann Mills and Ronnie Vance, Harts Dist., as of 10-30-19. 

4.85 ac. deed between Mark D. & Lucretia L. Kozar and Mark D. & Lucretia L. Kozar, Washington Dist., as of 10-30-19. 

0.1319 ac. deed between Billy Jean Shartzer and Johnny & Kenita Gail Cooper, Duval Dist., as of 10-30-19. 

.96 ac. deed between Donna Gail Dunlap Co.-executrix, Jim Oxendine Co.-executor & Londis K. Justice estate and Timothy Kelly Hager, $60,000., Duval Dist., as of 10-31-19. 

2 ac. deed between Adam Shawn Adkins and Steven Ray Jeffers, $2,000., Sheridan Dist., as of 11-4-19. 

100 & 11.5 ac. deeds between Adam McCallister and Michael Cummings, $35,000., Union Dist., as of 11-4-19. 

9.88 & 1.43 ac. deeds between Regina Stickler & Tabatha Williams and Dana Lynn & Ted Andrew Rakes Jr., $125,000., Harts Dist., as of 11-4-19. 

Deed between James J. & Mary S. Schmidt and Schmidt Family Trust, as of 11-5-19. 

Right of way between Robert D. & Cora Mae Chapman, Robert A. Jr. & Joceline J. Workman, Gregory & Christina Adkins, Glenn & Margaret Triplett, Merideth & Wandell Johnson Jr., Ampless & Abby L. Lilly and APCO, as of 11-6-19. 

Min. deed Suzanne Christensen-Tabernero, Margery Jordan, Kristine Casullo & Kurt Christensen, as of 11-6-19. 

Deed between Michael D. & Tosha L. Smith and Brittany Elizabeth & Thomas Eric Smith, $110,000., Union Dist., as of 11-7-19. 

Deed between Joyce Scites and Paul H. Scites, Duval Dist., as of 11-7-19. 

2 ac. deed between Doris Ann Meave and Charles Mullins, Sheridan Dist., as of 11-7-19. 

Lot deed between James C. Adkins and Gary G. McCallister, $2,000., Washington Dist., 120x130x130x140, as of 11-8-19. 

10 ac. m/l deed between Linda Lou Parsons by attorney-in-fact & Steve Parsons attorney-in-fact and Bart Parsons, $58,340., Sheridan Dist., as of 11-8-19. 

Deed between Randy Bayous and Tina Adams, Duval Dist., as of 11-12-19. 

Deed between Sec. of Veterans Affairs and Haskell H. Holley, Carroll Dist., as of 11-12-19.