Open enrollment period opens for Affordable Care Act

WV Navigator still offering free enrollment assistance

CHARLESTON - Despite confusing messages from politicians during this campaign season, the Affordable Care Act is still in place and the open enrollment started Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018 

As West Virginians gear up to enroll, re-enroll or switch health insurance plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace it is very important to take note that the annual open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace is only six weeks and will run from today, Nov. 1, through Dec. 15.

West Virginians who need help enrolling or have questions about health insurance can take advantage of the free help that WV Navigator provides by calling its helpline at  1-844-WV-CARES (304-356-5834) to speak to a certified Health Insurance Navigator. Free, in-person enrollment assistance is also available.

WV Navigator, a federally grant -unded project operated by First Choice Services, cautions people to pay extra close attention this year as they sign up for health insurance plans. The Health Insurance Marketplace offers monthly subsidies for people to help pay for their insurance plans. However, you have to go through the website or enroll through the Marketplace call center to get those subsidies.

People who need enrollment help or have questions are encouraged to call WV Navigator ASAP to make an appointment for their free help. More information is available at That site includes resources for enrollment help and an overview of facts and other information about health insurance, the Marketplace and the Affordable Care Act.