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Step up and be counted

We were pleased to see four candidates show up early at the Lincoln County Courthouse, Monday, to file for elected office. A coating of sleet on the road, a threat of ice, and chilly morning temperatures didn’t stop Nick Whitten (county commission), Fred Curry (incumbent, school board), Steve Priestley (incumbent, school board), and Josh Stowers (county commission) from making the trip up Court Avenue to file. By the time our press deadline arrived, those were the only four filers.

There’ll be more, we’re sure. We hope that those who choose to run will do so openly and in a timely fashion. We’ve never been a fan of the waiting game, where folks pause to see the lie of the land before putting their filing fee on the table and filling the forms. Everyone is entitled to take their time and file whenever they want during the 20-day window. But waiting until the last minute and mailing it in by midnight on the final day is a reminder of bitter factional splits and fights. 

We urge those thinking about running to do so in person, if possible. If nothing else, your presence at the county clerk’s office guarantees a photo taken by the clerk’s staff for their records and for social media postings. 

Once again, we wish every candidate every success this election season. We also salute their families for their loyal support.