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Learned nothing

The hypocrisy on show under the dome in Charleston, this past weekend, was just breathtaking. Firstly, let's state the obvious - Republican leaders in the State Senate have learned nothing. Their determination to enrage public employees over and over again is astonishing. 

The willingness to work on a Sunday also seems to be contrary to much of the holier than thou actions taken during the regular lawmaking season. The party of small government seems awfully fond of multi-day special sessions that cost thousands of dollars. We saw efforts to seize control of school systems from local school boards and superintendents. What a mess. 

They're not going to win this battle. Isn't it a little problematic that both chambers are controlled by Republicans, yet we have one chamber sitting in early June and the other not coming in until later this month? How odd. 

If the Senate and House GOP leaders can't agree to coincide their sessions, and we already know a stout bipartisan majority in the House can't stomach the Senate's nonsense, where is this going? This was settled last winter. Move on. The current circus not a good look.