3 successes

This past weekend saw the third of three fall events that have delighted locals, supported businesses, and raised money for local programs. The Hogwild BBQ event attracted great interest and support, last Saturday, raising funds for the food pantry programs in Lincoln County’s schools. 

The event followed the success of the Hamlin Street Fair during September. That gathering not only saw vendors sell their items, but also saw a number of school programs raise funds and awareness. 

The preceding month of August saw the annual staging of the Lincoln Primary Care Center’s Heat ‘n the Hills Chilifest. The event raises money for the center’s popular senior meals program. 

We commend all the organizers and attendees. These events are more than just sales opportunities. It’s a chance for the community to come together, to support each other, to bring awareness to needs and programs, and for all of us to express our pride, unity, and strength.