Our future

In recent weeks, and over the coming weeks, our sister newspaper, The Lincoln Journal, is publishing images from preschool and kindergarten sign-up sessions throughout the county. These are the county’s youngest learners, soon to take their first steps in a 13 or 14 year journey to the high school graduation stages of 2032 or 2033. 

We’re glad to be able to publish these images. It’s a nerve-racking day for some. For the first time parent, it can be daunting prospect, with so many forms to be filled and information to retain. For the kids, the halls and classrooms can seem huge and scary. Those without siblings might know very little about what lies ahead. 

Thankfully, our school system is equipped with seasoned professionals. As our photographs reveal, there was nothing but smiling faces, not just from the students but from the staff as well. Games and toys were the order of the day, the tools of the trade to help distract a child from a moment of clinginess or reluctance. 

We look forward to bringing these kids’ stories to readers over the coming 13 or 14 years. They’ll do great things. They’ll draw the brightest pictures. They’ll spell the longest words. They’ll win spelling bees. They’ll estimate and calculate on math field day. They’ll know their state history inside and out. They’ll dance and sing and play. They’ll throw and catch. They’ll kick and they’ll block. They’ll wright mighty essays, give great speeches, design award winning robots, weld and cut the most wonderful designs, build concession stands for the local community, and do wonderful works as elementary, middle, and high schoolers. They’ll take trips and make memories. They’ll scrape their knees and might break a bone or two. They’ll share bus rides to far flung away games. They’ll make great friends with great rivals. They’ll make us proud. And some day, two decades from now, they’ll return to the schools to sign up the next generation.