A grand scheme

The Lincoln Journal reports this week on the grandparents class recently offered by the school board in collaboration with other agencies. The first class recently completed the program after multiple weeks of classes. 

We salute the organizers of the program. Sadly, Lincoln County‚Äôs grandparents have picked up the hard work in the absence of young parents who have fallen on hard times, abandoned their children, suffered the grips of addiction, had custody of their young ones removed, or are behind bars.. Decades of opioid abuse and other factors have led to parents, who thought their rearing days were done, having to start all over again with diapers, discipline, dollars, and doting. 

The story notes that state lawmakers provided a small amount of funding to each county for the first roll out of the program. We urged our delegates and senators to revisit the matter and consider providing more money for these valuable and innovative services. 

We congratulate all those who took part and completed the class.