The people's voice

There‚Äôs still hope. The mostly awful Senate Bill 451, which got through the upper chamber and is now being poked and prodded in the House of Delegates, may end up so dramatically changed that it might actually do some good. Last week saw some watering down of a few of the more controversial elements of the proposals. 

We were heartened on two fronts. First, on Tuesday, the Lincoln County Board of Education approved a resolution regarding the controversial bill. The board, cognizant of some of the positive parts of the massive bill, was careful not to call their action a Resolution of Support. Instead, it was a carefully written message of solidarity with public school employees. Then, later in the week, House Speaker Roger Hanshaw (R-Clay) called for a public hearing on the bill. Two hearings were set to happen as of press time Monday. 

We commend the local board and the House lawmakers for their deliberative approaches. This is how it should be done.